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Change Your Life One Habit at a Time

Track your habits with ease and view your daily progress in a clear, intuitive way. Stay motivated and consistent as you work towards your goals.

Habit Tracker HabitKit Screen: Habit overview
I love this app, it’s helped me finally get a lot of the habits in place that I’ve been trying to get down for years!
🇬🇧 Beth L. Brown
Incredibly elegant
This is by far the best designed app for habit tracking. Most importantly it’s super easy to use and will really help you with your habits.
🇮🇹 Nicolò Borghi
Delightful app
Recently discovered this app, it’s easy to use and allows me to track all my side projects. Wonderful motivational app to help me build those habits.
🇺🇸 Jacobean Era
A new favorite
I love this app! Love the feeling of checking things off a list & this app gives me that same satisfaction in helping me create healthy habits.
🇺🇸 Bam Burn
Home Screen Widgets
on iOS 17+ and Android
Image of HabitKit's widgets on an iOS home screen
Multiple completions per day
Image of HabitKit's dashboard with habits allowing to track multiple completions per day
Track your habits
Monitor your progress with intuitive tile-based grid charts. Try to fill the boxes every day and change your life for the better.
Add your habits you want to track in a fast and easy way. Provide a name, description, icon and color and you're good to go.
Get motivation from streaks. Tell the app how often you would like to complete a habit and see how your streak count grows!
Never miss a completion again and add reminders to your habits. You'll get a notification at your specified time.
Multiple Themes
Choose between different themes and toggle between dark and light mode. Or just let it adapt to your system settings.
The calendar provides a fast and easy way to manage past completions. Simply tap a day to remove or add a completion. Never miss a day!
Do you need a break from a habit and don't want to clutter your dashboard with it? Just archive it and restore it at a later point from the menu.
Import / Export
Switching phones and don't want to lose your data? Export your data to a file, save it wherever you want and restore it at a later point of time.
All your data belongs to you and stays on your phone. Authentication and cloud-backups are optional.
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